Can we use Facebook in our company’s intranet for Human Resources or company’s portal? I am sure that technically this is possible,but logically?
I believe that social systems are going to be transformed to social communities.With this new era, social communities in virtual world and real world interacts with each other.
Let’s imagine…The informations of employees of a company exist in a social system like Facebook.Let’s do not say like,just Facebook. All employees have a profile pages, and everyone in company can see what is going on. For example, a meeting request is coming from Facebook (like an event request), or a new project assigned to a person can be followed by user’s profile and activity feed.
With small applications in Facebook which are integrated with Exchage Server,Project Server or maybe TFS, users’ tasks can be assigned and submitted.
And for HR departments, some kind of simple jobs can be managed from Facebook. An employee who requests for a holiday or other kind of things can be followed by and managed with Facebook.
And image that, these kind informations are shared with other companies within some restrictions that can be customized in “Privacy”. So when an employee want to quit and change his/her job,he/she just need to change his/her “Status” to seeking job and automatically this info is going to be send like sites and can apply other jobs.  With changing a job,all necessary information(Social number,health insuarence info,contact info,family info) could be moved to the new company’s system.
These could be nice…