İnsan ve müzik olarak çok sevdiğim Dreamtone grubunun yan projesi olan Neverland, AFM Records ile anlaştı.Fazla söze gerek yok.Neverland nedir,ayrıntılar falan aşağıda…Progresif/Power metal müzikten hoşlanıyorsanız, arada böyle senfonik öğelere de bitiyorsanız Neverland tam size göre

NEVERLAND, the collaboration between Turkey’s progressive power metal band DREAMTONE and Greek artist Iris Mavraki, has inked a deal with Germany’s AFM Records. The band’s debut CD, “Reversing Time” — which features guest appearances by Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Tom Englund (EVERGREY), Mike Baker (SHADOW GALLERY) and Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY) — is scheduled for release at the end of February.

Iris and DREAMTONE recorded a total of 12 tracks at ATM Studios in Istanbul with Erim Arkman and Alp Turac (who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 with singer Sertab Erener for the song “Every Way That I Can”). The Philarmonia Istanbul Orchestra recorded at MIAM Studios in Istanbul with conductor Hakan Sensoy. Ethnic instruments and sax parts were recorded at Mars Studios in Ankara. The mixing sessions for “Reversing Time” took place at Division One Studios (EVERGREY, HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The mastering was handled by senior mastering engineer Leon Zervos (AVRIL LAVIGNE, SANTANA, INXS, SKID ROW, DURAN DURAN, AEROSMITH) at Sterling Sound in New York. The cover artwork was created by French artist Jean Pascal Fournier, who has previously worked with EDGUY and AVANTASIA, among others.

Commented NEVERLAND manager Orpheus Spiliotopoulos: “I feel really proud about this record deal for NEVERLAND. I feel it was more than deserved after all the hard work, time and money both Iris Mavraki and DREAMTONE put into this band. I think people will love the music; it’s phenomenal, not just because of the great musicians involved but because of the emotions their music is capable of giving you. Some people might call it a rock opera or symphonic rock or whatever. Truth is it’s something that most likely anyone will be able to enjoy, whether you’re a metalhead or simply a fan of emotionally powerful music!”


Iris Mavraki – Vocals
Oganalp Canatan – Vocals
Emrecan Sevdin – Drums
Onur Ozkoc – Guitars
Burak Kahraman – Guitars
Can Dedekarginoglu – Bass

“Reversing Time” track listing:

01. Shooting Star (4:19)
02. To Lose the Sun (5:53) (feat. Hansi Kursch)
03. Mankind Is A Lie (4:17)
04. Everlasting Tranquility (4:04)
05. Reversing Time (4:11) (feat. Mike Baker)
06. Black Water (6:33)
07. Mountain of Judgement (1:45)
08. Mountain of Joy (4:26) (feat. Gary Wehrkamp)
09. World Beyond These Walls (3:53) (feat. Tom Englund)
10. Transcending Miracle (6:16)
11. Once Again This Life (4:25) (European Ltd Edition Bonus / Japanese Bonus) *
12. Who Asked You To Fight? (Japanese bonus)

* The European limited edition will also feature a special video interview with the band
NEVERLAND Album Trailer

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